General Dırectorate of Land Regıstry and Cadastre announced!

Transactions will now be done from the internet
Recorder of deeds, statistical data in order to be directed towards since the application process by foreigners wishing to acquire immovable property in Turkey, acquisition of real estate through naturalization recovery on the information and the established portal information is provided all kinds of information flow, such as an appointment in the land registry offices. “Your Key Turkey” web address, which provides active services in 4 languages, including Turkish, Russian, French and Spanish services will be available in the coming days. AA correspondent, Environment and Urban Planning Ministry, foreigners who want to invest in Turkey to steer properly, provide access to data related to investment decisions, the applicant In order to assist all transactions related to land registry and cadastre, especially in the acquisition of immovable property and acquisition of citizenship during and after the process, “Foreigners Information Portal (Your Key Turkey)” has been prepared.

With the portal, all kinds of legal information about the immovable and workflows, statistical information about the acquisition of immovable by foreigners, all kinds of information about the acquisition of citizenship through real estate acquisition will be available. In addition, investment intensity and spatial data on immovable maps and analyzes, nationals of knowledge that can receive real estate in Turkey, e-appointment system through will be provided with access to a lot of information to take an appointment from land registry offices. In addition, foreigners will be offered the opportunity to apply for detailed questions and information requests through the form on the site. Information will be provided within one working day.

Servıng ın 6 languages

Turkish, English, Arabic and German languages, which will be active in the following days, the Russian, French and Spanish languages ​​will be added to the portal. The portal’s web address “” address and active services will be provided from social media accounts. “Your Key Turkey” will be the first in its field in terms of the services it offers to foreign investors. In addition to its web page, the Ministry has prepared many printed materials such as transaction guide, brochure, poster, flyer, catalog, magazine and magazine in order to promote the portal.


12 offices will be opened in 10 countries in order to facilitate the deed transactions of citizens living abroad and to increase the sale of real estate abroad. In the first place, the embassies in Baku, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Paris and Brussels will be represented by the representative offices for the title deeds . In addition, offices in Doha, Kuwait, Skopje, Oslo, Nicosia, London and Stuttgart will be rented outside the consulate and a representative office will be opened for title deed transactions. Representatives will be assigned to the Land Registry and Cadastre Counselor and the Land Registry and Cadastre Attaché.

Deed from the notary and the work for the sale of the house has come to an end!

Deed from the notary and the work for the sale of the house has come to an end!
The work between the Ministry of Justice and the notaries came to an end. Citizens will no longer transfer the title deed and house sales through the notaries. Citizen will save time; the state will end the loss of tax loss. Details in our news!

Turkey Union of Notaries which has made its name with Sentry notary application continues to facilitate the life of citizens with the new procedures. Due to the low number of land registry offices that cause long waiting times to occur due to the transfer of authority to the notary public. Citizen Notary Public Deed Sale! With the enactment of the said regulation, the citizen will now be able to trade through the notary public notaries for the sale of title deeds instead of the Land Registry Offices. As the notary publics work on Saturday and Sunday, the citizens will have the opportunity to do their transactions with great ease at the weekend without waiting.

Legal Regulations Made by the Ministry of Justice He said in a statement on the subject, let alone the President of Turkey Union of Notaries said that China said implementation of many European Union countries already years applied to it that 1,931 notaries serving in Turkey will provide great convenience for land transactions. Gin said that the Ministry of Justice has completed the new regulations and the legal changes and procedures on the subject, and said that despite the large network of notaries, the title deed registry directorates remained inadequate. For this reason, the notary transfer of the title deed is important in China “However, the number of Land Registry Offices is very small. If the deed sales are given to the notary, the transactions will be much faster. Citizen will not have to wait long. Notaries will only sell. The land registry records will remain in the land registry offices. In this sense, the sale of transactions in the deed will be prevented in some way tax loss. Because the sale of real estate will not be shown lower than the equivalent, “he said they are ready to change.

New perıod ın the deed

The Land Registry Law in Turkey was published in the official newspaper that the title deed will no longer have photographs.

According to the law, contracts aimed at the transfer of real estate, if the parties have different title deeds directorates (Offices) or in abroad offices , the contracts will be completed separately by taking the will of the official officers.

Agricultural lands shall not be used for other than agricultural purposes without permission.

Studies and projects should be reviewed by the authority and It should be compulsory to follow the rules of science, art and health issues.

Trees and structures in the areas which are allocated to public services will be dismantled and demolished by the municipality or the governor’s office.

The new law covers many other new changes about old buildings, agriculturel areas, common places on public servies, determining the risky buildings.

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Semınar by Bahadır Kılıc

Digital marketing expert Bahadır Kılıç gave a seminar to TTPP members called digital real estate time.

TTPP has organised an educational program to the members that Bahadır Kılıç has talk about social media effects on real estate marketing.

TTPP has signed an important collobration protocol with Alanya HEP univesity that Alanya HEP university hosted the seminar.

During the seminar Kılıç has given key solutions on marketing at social media channels and said that blogs are the most effective channel besides contents about shares stay stwo year on internet. He added that Linked in facebook and Instagram are the most effective scoial media channels.

The particapents have asked questions to Mr. Kılınc about social media marketing.



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