Deed from the notary and the work for the sale of the house has come to an end!
The work between the Ministry of Justice and the notaries came to an end. Citizens will no longer transfer the title deed and house sales through the notaries. Citizen will save time; the state will end the loss of tax loss. Details in our news!

Turkey Union of Notaries which has made its name with Sentry notary application continues to facilitate the life of citizens with the new procedures. Due to the low number of land registry offices that cause long waiting times to occur due to the transfer of authority to the notary public. Citizen Notary Public Deed Sale! With the enactment of the said regulation, the citizen will now be able to trade through the notary public notaries for the sale of title deeds instead of the Land Registry Offices. As the notary publics work on Saturday and Sunday, the citizens will have the opportunity to do their transactions with great ease at the weekend without waiting.

Legal Regulations Made by the Ministry of Justice He said in a statement on the subject, let alone the President of Turkey Union of Notaries said that China said implementation of many European Union countries already years applied to it that 1,931 notaries serving in Turkey will provide great convenience for land transactions. Gin said that the Ministry of Justice has completed the new regulations and the legal changes and procedures on the subject, and said that despite the large network of notaries, the title deed registry directorates remained inadequate. For this reason, the notary transfer of the title deed is important in China “However, the number of Land Registry Offices is very small. If the deed sales are given to the notary, the transactions will be much faster. Citizen will not have to wait long. Notaries will only sell. The land registry records will remain in the land registry offices. In this sense, the sale of transactions in the deed will be prevented in some way tax loss. Because the sale of real estate will not be shown lower than the equivalent, “he said they are ready to change.

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